About Us


Pranav Parikh – Financial Planner having experience of more than 8 years with many more awards and Satisfied 100 + Clients.


As a professional Financial Planner adept in various aspects of Financial Planning, which includes Investment Planning, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning.

We strongly believe that financial education is the way to ensure good financial decisions and more importantly, avoid the bad ones. We take special interest and put in a lot of effort to educate not only my clients but also the general public. We are very keen on improving the overall financial well-being of our clients using the simple but powerful principles of financial planning.

We were formed a Firm named ” Plus Wealth Advisor ” in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India where any one can get proper advice, any service related to his/her financial situation. Our main strong area is Comprehensive Financial Planning and Portfolio Management.We believe in advising individuals and families based on their risk appetite & need based approach, an approach that looks at you before looking at markets, products & economic scenario.

We believe in long term relationships based on trust, quality & professional services. We are looking for individuals who value professional services to achieve financials goals.Our ultimate endeavor is to framework the right basket of products for you to meet all financial milestones in life like buying a home/car, children’s education/marriage & retirement planning.

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